Random thoughts of a doubting thomas.

An intuitive confused homo with infinite hope for change. A doubting thomas. Maverick. Surreal Brain. Proud. Sometimes euphoric. SERIOUSLY!! Bad ideas are great!

HP! Sana umandar kapa after.. Haha!
Allergy? Err! #fail
Potpot <3
Arf! Arf!
Isn’t he adorable? Cute cute! (For FHM cover) haha! Can’t get up coz he’s super FAT!!
Dinner time! :)
Happy new year presenting my capacities UDD shirt! :) Break na kmi ni food.. Game on! Goodnight! #newyear #intoxicated
Bad bangs day with Leon the PussCawt! :))
Yummeh!! Ang maning kalbong walang kasing sarap! :)
Thanks piggy for everything.. Ill miss you! Your too full i need to do this na.. :(
I hope I’ll have time to read.. Audiobook nga tinamad ako e! Haha.
Buttered corn and mushroom with hotdog bits topped with grated cheese.
Sshhhh… Chocquik’s still sleeping in my bed. Puyat ka te? May work later? Haha!
After asthma, namamagang mata naman ganun? Ayus perpek!